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Grissom Slash

Pin me to the wall and lay one on me like you mean it!

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This community is dedicated to the proliferation of slash fan fiction featuring CSI's Gil Grissom. Moderators are laurelgardner and knightmusic. This is a place for fiction, art, icons, recommendations and writing/character related discussions.

Requirements: Fic posted here must involve a pairing of Gil Grissom and at least one other male character. We don't have anything against het pairings, we just think there are plenty of other communities for that. However, some het content is allowed, as long as the story includes slash as well. (So threesomes are a go.)

Guidelines for posting are as follows:

Challenge (if applicable):
Author's Note/Warnings:

For ratings, include one of the following; G, PG, PG-13, R, NC-17

All fics must be behind a cut tag to avoid clutter. All art or drabbles rated R or NC-17 must also be behind a cut.

Re: Warnings
Always (and we MEAN always) warn for Character death and Rape/Non-con (or other consent issues). This stuff is welcome here (and one of the mods has a HUGE non-con kink.....), but remember that it's not everyone's cuppa.

It's a very good idea to warn for the following: heavy kink (bdsm, bloodplay, d/s relationships etc.), het content, dark!fic, torture, Mpreg, or anything else that's off the beaten path and might be objectionable to some people. When in doubt, over-warn.

Recommendations: Recommendations are always wanted. Please follow the same format that you would for posting a fic, however, instead of an author's notes, you are encouraged to write a little bit about why you like the fic. Also, please note that if an author requests that a fic/link of theirs be removed from our community, we will respect that wish. Posts requesting a certain kind of rec (favorite pairing, favorite kink, hurt/comfort etc.) are always welcome.

Readers? Please, give feedback. Feedback makes the world go round. Feedback is the food of the soul for fanfic writers, and most importantly of all, feedback stimulates the production of MORE STORIES!

If you are underage to read R and NC-17 fics, don't read them. If you don't like male/male relationships, you shouldn't be here.

You have been warned.

And now, on to the hot Grissom man-love!

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