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Grissom Slash
Pin me to the wall and lay one on me like you mean it!
Title: Broken for Life chapter 5 Author: Superboyclex Rating:… 
23rd-Apr-2005 04:22 am

Title: Broken for Life chapter 5

Author: Superboyclex

Rating: NC-17

Pairing: Greg/Gil   mention of Billy/Nick

Genre: WIP, Angst, First time, spoiler for “Spark of Life”

Summary: Greg wants to forget with help from Gil (Chapter focuses on this pairing)

Authors Note: Fic takes place during season 5 of CSI with a character taken from the movie “True Vinyl” All mistakes are my own!

Disclaimer: CSI characters along with Billy are not mine belonging to CBS, Jerry and Anthony.


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Chapter Five


Grissom looked over the remaining files to Greg’s accident. He was glad to close the folder on this one. He didn’t ever have to think about this again, well accept for the fact that there was walking proof. Greg had seemed to latch onto him over the past week showing up outside his doorstep, sometimes a bit feverish from his drugs and others just plain bouncy chattering away about helping with crosswords and wanting to be back at work. Greg had even found excuses to show up.
“I thought you might want someone to make you dinner.”
“Greg, you can’t cook worth squat.”
“Yeah well,” Greg scratched his head. “Hey how do you know?”
“I think I’ll manage cooking for myself Greg.”
“I could help with your laundry…”
(End flashback)
Gil sighed leaning back in his office chair. He’d thought that the CSI would be spending his time catching up with his brother rather then trying to entertain his boss.
Oh Christ that did not materialize right. But luckily his phone rang before he could dwell on that thought.
“Grissom.” He said.
He recognized Chief Rick Dysart’s voice on the other end.
“Ok, I’ll be right there.” He hung up the phone and stood. Pulling on his jacket he left his office. Coming around the corner he spotted Sara at ballistics.
“Sara, I just got a call and I need you on a case with me sense Greg can’t work.”
She nodded following him out.
(At the scene)
Gil and Sara looked to the charred body lying on the ground at their feet. Chief Dysart started to speak to Gil.
“Local homeowner called it in early.  We got it contained pretty quickly. We were lucky.”
“Luckier than he was.” Gil said softly.
Sara stayed quiet looking down at the body listening to Grissom talk with the Chief.
“Low humidity, dry brush. Perfect conditions for maximum damage.”
“Firebugs listen to the weather reports just like we do, only for different reasons.” Chief Dysart said looking around the burnt area.
Sara interrupted the two men. “Maybe some moron just threw a cigarette out the car window.”
“You're an optimist.”
Sara just shrugged.
“Do you have a point of origin?” Gil asked.
“Not yet…” Chief Dysart answered still looking around. Following Grissom’s gaze to where he thought the fire might have started.
“Fire spread down the slope. Probably started along top of the ridge. I'll give you a shout when it's safe to come up.”
“Okay, Mom.” Sara said a bit annoyed. She saw the Chief flash a small smile before he turned heading up the hill. She brought her attention back to Grissom when she heard his voice.
“This area was always a good place for stargazing.”
“It's a good make-out spot, too. So I've heard.” She saw Grissom glance her way out of the corner of her eye as she snapped photos of the body. It was a bit disturbing to tell the truth, seeing what once was a living human being, yet Grissom seemed very interested in the finding. She saw him walk away as she finished up.
Gil walked away from where Sara and the body lay taking in all the burnt brush. As he walked a bit further down he spotted something under a charred tree.
Shining his flashlight down to inspect he saw another body in the same if not worse condition as the first. Everything was a pitch black glob accept for a few red pieces.
“Sara! We've got another body.” And then he saw the impossible; the supposedly dead woman’s eyes opened staring up at him from beneath the blackened branches.
“Get the paramedics!” He shouted looking away for a moment.
Back at the crime lab the first thing that Gil saw was the one person who should not have been there.
“Greg, what are you doing here? You’re supposed to be resting up.”
The other man was stone serious. “Grissom I heard about the case and I want to help.”
“Greg, you can’t you aren’t supposed to be here. I’ll just get Nick to help when he has time.”
“Grissom, please.” Greg began. “Sara’s already helping you in the field and Nick and Warrick have a case from Catherine. So all you have left is me. I can do it really. I’m feeling fine, I mean all I really have to do is document right.”
Gil sighed watching the way Greg pleaded. “Fine, but you stay at the hospital and the lab only do you understand that?”
He saw Greg smile taking the file from his hand about the current case.
The other man stopped his movements at his boss’s voice.
“You have my cell number if you need me… or Sara.”
Greg smiled as he turned to leave for the hospital. He didn’t think he’d be seeing a hospital again so soon but when duty called…
(At the hospital)
As he walked through the halls he made his way to the ER asking randomly about the burn victim.
“I'm Greg Sanders from the Crime Lab.  I'm here to collect trace from the arson victim.”
The woman nurse looked up from helping a patient to speak to him. “She was in the burn unit, bay number three.”
“Thanks.” He said and headed to the area she had pointed.
As he entered the room with the number 408 beside the door his pace slowed to a scuffed walk. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing. The arson victim, she was alive just lying there with four doctors surrounding her peeling away at her burnt black flesh.
A man he presumed to be the head of the unit stepped up behind him.
“I thought… I just assumed she was dead.” Greg said still looking at the woman.
He felt a stab of pain running along his back and neck. Just like him… when the explosion had blown him through the lab glass. That heat was still so fresh in his mind.
“It’s a miracle she’s not. This is as bad as it gets.” The doctor said from behind him.
“How extensive are the burns?”
“Eighty percent, mostly third degree.”
Greg swallowed hard trying to block his own memories.
“I hope the morphine’s working.”
The doctor stepped beside him. “Third degree burns are painless. The nerves are burned away. She’s not conscious of what’s happening to her.”
“Not now.” Greg whispered more to himself than the man beside him. Maybe he should have listened to Grissom when he said to just stay home and rest. If he had known he was going to be dealing with the woman alive…
“Here.” The doctor passed him a long white hospital coat. Pulling it on Greg stepped towards the table.
“She’s still a Jane Doe. I’m going to need all of her clothes, as well as any trace off her body.” Greg informed.
“We’ll save whatever we find during debridement.”
“Debridement?” Greg questioned.

”We scrape off the dead flesh, then cover it with cadaver skin.” The doctor started. “We then wrap it with gauze. It prevents infection and allows the remaining tissue to heal.”
Greg listened to the man’s words watching as the woman’s hand was lifted slightly as they clipped what looked to be her wedding band from here finger tossing it into a metal pan.
The pan was then passed to him.
“She’s going to lose those fingers.” The doctor informed.
Lifting his head up from the dish Greg starred at the man with an almost urge to be sick. He had a feeling this was going to be a long case.
(Back at the crime scene)
Gil followed Sara up the hill to the road. The fire had been put out with nothing remaining but smoldering smoke and crisp ash.
“I’ve got… the business end of a disposable lighter. Could be an ignition source.”
Walking to her Gil took photos of the melted lighter.
He looked a bit passed her seeing some kind of bottle sticking out of the dirt.
“What’s that?” He asked.
They make their way over to the vodka bottle and he took a few more pictures.
“Possible accelerant.” Sara guesses.
After taking even more photos Sara picked up the broken bottle smelling the end.
“I didn’t think you could smell vodka.”
“Well, that depends on how long it was distilled.”
Sara snorted. “Cheap stuff.”
“Ironically, the word for vodka comes from the Russian phrase zhizennia voda…” He looked to Sara gesturing with his hand. “Water of life.”
They both stood having collected the evidence in bags ready to be sent to the lab.
(At the CSI Lab – daytime)
Laying out the woman’s clothing Greg started the process of testing for hydrocarbons as he ran a hand-held meter along the clothing. Hearing a consistent beep he continued to what looked to be jacket remains. At receiving a more consistent beep at the jacket pocket he set the meter aside checking it with tweezers pulling out something that had melted, ID maybe.
“I hear our victim is still alive.”
Gil stepped into the doorway approaching Greg.
“I don’t see why.” Greg said blandly.
“Well, she’s not ready to let go yet.”
Greg was looking at the card I his hand. Grissom was beside him staring over his shoulder.
“A plastic card.” He pointed, shifting his wait towards his boss. “She was doused in it. I found traces of alcohol all over her clothes.”
If Grissom had noticed the movement he didn’t seem to mind. “The accelerant and probable ignition source were found at the top of the hill.”
“That was the point of origin.”
“But the victim was found, almost completely burned, at the bottom of the hill.”
Greg nodded.
“I don’t think she was caught in the fire…” Gil hypothesized. “I think she started it.”
After Grissom left, Greg continued his research of the plastic card. Maybe he could get some info on the woman.
“Ah-ha.” With a smile he brought up the woman’s information. Now he just had to get this to Grissom.
After he found his boss he convinced Grissom to let him go along for the interview of the man found on Tara Mathews, the burn patient’s ID. A Neal Mathews.
They hadn’t learned too much from talking to the man, but at least he’d wanted to see his wife.
(ER - Burn Unit Observation Room)
“I don’t know who that is, but… that’s not my wife. That’s not Tara.” Neal Mathews stated looking in at the woman on the bed.
Holding up a small evidence bag with a ring in it Greg turned to the man. “Is this her ring?”
“Oh my god, Tara.”
Greg saw the man shake his head in aw, tears spilling from his eyes. This had to be his least favorite part. Telling a person that someone they love is hurt or dead, to have to see such things as this, to be reminded that the person in that room could have been him there.
“How did this happen?” Neal Mathews asked still shook up.
Greg swallowed the urge to cry himself. “We’re still investigating.” God he wanted to leave this place, never have to see Tara lying there unmoving again. Why couldn’t he just listen?
The man was speaking again but Greg hadn’t heard much of it, lost somewhere in his own thoughts.
After he left the hospital he returned to the lab to process the last of the evidence. He was so not looking forward to this part. Sitting on a small stool at the lab counter he held up one of the five containers that held Tara Mathews fingers. It was hard to believe that these were once a moving part of the woman.
He felt himself start to shake and he had to close his eyes for a moment to gather his strength. He could do this, it was just evidence like any other… but it wasn’t, it was a burn victim and she lived. He couldn’t imagine the life she would have now. Waking up to see myself in that state…
“I’d kill myself.” Greg whispered to himself.
Grissom watched Greg for a moment, seeing the CSI shake as he closed his eyes sucking in a deep breath and exhaling. It was the fingers, the fact that it was a case that involved an arson victim. Gil felt a tightening in his chest. He hadn’t thought about that before sending Greg off to the hospital. He knew the woman was alive.
“How’d it go at the hospital?” He asked. What a stupid question but it was out of his mouth before he could stop it.
“About as good as could be expected.”
Gil winced.
“Doctors had to amputate the fingers from her right hand. Too great a risk of infection.” Greg stated.
He saw Greg put the container on the lag table.
“They gave them to me to process for trace.”
Gil stepped up close to the younger man. “You’ve pulled a double Greg. You need a break. I’ll process it.”
Greg didn’t know what to think at the offer. Grissom was just looking down at him a small nod, concern in his eyes.
As he stood Gil sat where he had just been picking up one of the containers. As Greg stepped through the door he turned to look at his boss once, seeing the man involved now with the evidence.
Yeah, he felt like complete shit. Now off to the locker room he went to sulk. What a wuss.
Sofia had talked to him for a moment. Some words of wisdom, so maybe he could just go home and do that. Maybe Billy would sit and talk with him or he could shove his face under his pillow and he could drown the world out forever.
He changed then left for home.
When Catherine had told Nick that they were all working on the same case he was a bit surprised. It was nice knowing everyone got to work together for a change. This had been one of those tiresome cases, but at least he got to try out a new gadget. I mean having a machine that could scan a 3D model of the crime scene was awesome, better than doing it by hand.
He was tired, and wanted to go home. Though when he found out that Grissom had let Greg on the case and back to work he was surprised to say the least. His friend was way better, but still not quite back together enough to be back at work fulltime. Greg had toughed it out though. Catherine couldn’t get over the fact that Grissom had let him work the burn victim. He could understand that after Greg being in the lab explosion. His friend still had scars to remind him of that night.
Himself and Warrick had just finished the 3D computer simulation.
“Wait, Morgan’s wound bled out here. The blood puddle covered the initial spatter.”
“There was someone else in that room.” Warrick stated.
(Later that night)
Nick sighed. This case was finally solved. At least the crime lab had done its part. It had all been over a jealous friend and a couple wanting to have a baby. It really disturbed him at what some people would do. And in the end far too many people had gotten hurt.
Walking to the locker room Nick changed ready to go home for a good nights sleep. He wasn’t sure if Billy would be there cause he said something about going over Greg’s but didn’t know for sure. So either way, if Billy were to still be at his place he’d be fine with that.
(At Greg’s apartment)
Greg couldn’t sleep no matter how hard he tried. His body ached from almost 48 hours of work and no sleep and his scars tingled.
He rubbed at them turning over onto his side careful of the still healing ribs. When he’d arrived home Billy had stayed at Nick’s. He’d left a phone message though stating that he wanted to come over and make him something nice for lunch tomorrow and spend some time catching up. That sounded fun but right now he really needed someone here with him. He didn’t want to be alone cause all he did was sit up remember things he didn’t want to remember.
Maybe if he called his brother, Nick wouldn’t mind right? Hey, he’d even talk to Nick if his friend were up to it.
So Greg reached to his nightstand grabbing the potable phone. He paused then began to dial the number. It started to ring but no one picked up. Finally on the fifth ring he heard a voice.
“Hey Billy, it’s Greg I was…”
Oh my god. He thought he’d called Nick’s number but instead he’d called his boss. How the hell did he manage to do that?
“Greg, are you all right?” Gil asked.
Greg paused then spoke. “Um, hey did I wake you?”
“Greg, what’s the matter? Why are you calling?”
Yeah something he should ask himself. “I’m sorry, I’m fine I just need…”
Gil listened to the young man breathing over the phone. It seemed a bit fast and his voice was stressed.
“I… I have to go. Sorry to bother you.” And he hung up.
What the hell? Gil didn’t know what to think about that? Was Greg ok? He tried to call the CSI back but got no answer. After around the third call he assumed Greg did not want to be bothered so he sat at the edge of his bed still in the clothes that he’d worn to work, thinking for a moment about the younger man in the lab today and how he seemed so shaken. After about ten minutes he heard knocking at his door.
“Hey.” Greg said as he stood outside Gil’s door. He was trying at a weak smile as Gil let him pass.
“Greg, what was with the phone call, and how come you’re here?”
“I… I don’t want to be alone.”
He took a hold of Greg’s arm guiding him to the couch.
“I couldn’t sleep, so I thought I’d call my brother but I somehow ended up calling you instead. I didn’t mean to wake you.”
Greg fidgeted next to Gil, not looking the man in the eyes. “It’s ok, I wasn’t sleeping.”
“I was wondering if… if you’d let me stay here for tonight?”
“Greg, I have work later.”
“You let me stay the other time you had work… please? I don’t think I’ll be up to going in so I can help out with anything you need here.”
“Hey, you don’t need to do that, it’s ok. Greg…” The blonde was shaking terribly so it was hard to keep the concern out of his voice.
Reaching over he placed his hand on Greg’s back. The man seemed to take that as a sign leaning in cuddling close to Gil’s side head resting at his collarbone.
He didn’t know how to deal with situations like this. Didn’t know what to say to the younger man or how to approach him.
He felt a soft nudge and Greg seemed to stop shaking for the time being nestled warm against him.
“You smell good.” Greg whispered into Gil’s neck.
Had Greg said what he thought he said? You smell good? And his hand was clenching and un-clenching at his shirtfront, fingers brushing bare flesh.
“Greg… you should get some sleep.” He slowly stood laying Greg down on the couch pushing one of the couch pillows under the blonde’s head. He also needed to get some sleep before he went to work. At least a few hours so he wasn’t a walking zombie pissing everybody off that had to be in his presence.
He padded to his room taking a comforter from inside his closet draping the gray fabric over and around Greg’s body tucking it in at his shoulders.
So Greg didn’t want to be alone and he wanted Gil’s comfort. The younger man obviously hadn’t slept after he returned home from his double shift. He never should have let Greg do that. He could understand the wanting to be back at work because of the loathing and nightmares but Greg was still recovering from the accident.
Gil wondered if Greg had nightmares. Wondered if the CSI had to run from as much pain asleep as he had when he was awake.
In his room he slid out of his work clothes and into a pair of shorts and a T-shirt. He’d leave his door cracked just enough incase Greg needed something.
Pulling the cover aside he slid between the sheets switching off the bedside lamp. Now if only he could fall asleep for a short while.
Gil shifted opening his eyes to glance at his alarm clock glaring a bright red back at him. He still had time before he had to be at work having woken from his light sleep early.
Something moved behind him and he felt a hand slip lazily down his back as if to reposition. He paused for a moment thinking that maybe he imagined it but when a small sigh muffled itself somewhere behind his head he turned to lye on his back and then side to assess the noise.
Greg was asleep, not where Gil had left him, but in his bed splayed about wildly. His mouth was slightly open with his forehead almost touching Gil’s upper arm and left hand twitching every once in a while tucked closely to his side.
Gil must have been sleeping deeper than he thought because he hadn’t noticed Greg sneaking in until just now.
He rolled back onto his back taking a deep breath. Everything thing was fine. Greg was just sleeping and it just so happened to be in his bed… with him, his boss. No big deal right? He should just close his eyes and go with the flow. Damn. Could he do that? He couldn’t fall asleep now.
Greg made another muffled noise changing positions, this time closer to Gil, hand lying on his chest.
Ok, now he was definitely not falling back asleep. He might as well get up and head to the lab early.
Lifting Greg’s hand from his chest without waking the blonde wasn’t to hard. Greg on the contrary to himself was a very deep sleeper. So he took a change of clothes into the bathroom with him, showered, dressed and made his way to his SUV for work.
When Greg woke he looked about the room… Gil’s room. It was nice, a bit too clean, but still comfortable. He’d slept a really long time and well Grissom would probably be back soon. Everything felt good though and he was really quite surprised to say the least that Grissom hadn’t tossed him out on his ass for violating his privacy and sleeping with him in his bed unwelcome. The couch had been fine but Greg wanted something solid, a “someone” to have close to his body while he slept. Because honestly, that had been the first time in a long time that he actually slept perfect.
When he had quietly made his way to Grissom’s room pushing the door open just enough to fit through he saw the man asleep. He seemed so open and vulnerable. It was a thing he hadn’t seen much on his boss and couldn’t say he regretted the sight. He slid under the covers snuggling in close to Gil’s right side. He prayed Grissom wasn’t the type of person who attacked spiky blonde haired CSI’s in his sleep. He didn’t need another injury after all the shit he went through. He just wanted to be close to Gil. He felt safe and warm here and already felt sleep pulling at his eyes.
Greg rubbed the cloth material of the bed sheets between his fingers. Now he needed to call his brother. Billy was probably pissed cause he was never home anymore.
Picking up Gil’s phone he dialed the number getting an answer quite quickly.
“Stokes residence.”
Greg smiled. “Stokes residence? Billy why are you answering Nick’s phone like that?”
“Oh hey Greggo, It’s Nick’s place I know, but I thought that cause I’m here I might as well start taking messages for him. Anyway how come you weren’t home when I stopped by? You still hanging over, what’s his name, Grissom’s I think it was? You two sleeping together now?”
“I’m not sleeping with him Billy, he’s just my boss.” Ok he was sleeping with his boss but not how Billy had meant!
A sarcastic. “Ohhhh of course not.” Came from his brother.
“Have you always stayed over your boss’s house overnight Greggo? Let me guess you’re in his bed right now.”
Greg gaped, mouth falling open. “What the hell, how…”
“Shit bro, you are aren’t you. You’re fucking your boss!” He was smiley from ear to ear.
“Billy, will you stop. I’m not fucking anyone, least of all Grissom. Even if I wanted too, that would be impossible on his half.” He shifted the phone to the other ear. “I’m surprised when he found me in his bed he didn’t try to kill me.”
Billy was trying to be serious. “What, is something wrong with him, or is it that he just doesn’t like men?”
“The latter I’m assuming.” Greg stood from the bed heading to the bathroom to do some business. After he finished he searched for some toothpaste, substituting his finger for a toothbrush.
“You know Greg, you could just try asking him.” Billy said.
“Arw yeew nutsh!” Greg said around the minty finger in his mouth. He rinsed his mouth spitting into the sink. “I don’t think I can risk losing my job, or losing whatever friendship the two of us have.”
There was a short pause and then Billy was talking again. “So obviously he found you asleep in his bed and didn’t find that gross enough to kick your ass so…”
“So?” Greg questioned.
“The man must not dislike the fact of having you in his bed. I mean that should have been a sign right there bro.”
Greg thought about this for a moment. So Grissom didn’t mind the fact that he was a co-worker and a man sleeping with him? Even if he did, Grissom still let him stay there and that had to be a plus right?
“Hey Greggo, you still there?”
“Yeah, I was just processing all the info.” He ran his fingers through his hair fixing some of the more wild tweakers.
“So do tell, have you seen him naked?” Billy asked.
“No I haven’t seen him naked. “Greg blushed. “But sometimes Billy, I’m not sure I can control myself. He’s so gorgeous and when he wears his glasses, oh fuck I get an instant hard on. And the way he does that thing with his lips poking them out and raises his eyebrow when he’s thinking. I find that so sexy.”
Billy laughed. “Down boy, you don’t need to be making any messes.”
“Speaking on the topic what’s up with you and Nick?” Greg asked.
“Everything… and I literally mean that. We’re sorta’ together but supposedly it’s a secret. I wasn’t even supposed to tell you.”
“Now I know there has to be some kind of sexual partaking between the two of you.” Greg said now the one with a huge grin.
“Yeah I guess you can say that. I thought that I might have pushed a little too much on my last effort to seduce him but he turned around and definitely put me in my place.”
“So it worked out, cause I know that you really like him Billy. It’s just that you should be careful when dealing with him.” Greg informed.
“What’s that supposed to mean?”
“Nick just sees things differently and he has a hard time letting things go. He tends to rebuff what’s right in front of him.”
Billy was going to be sure to remember that little detail. Nick was a fun guy but the man had some serious secrets.
“Ok, well I should get going Nick’s gonna’ to be here any minute, so love ya.”
“Bye, love you too.” Greg hung up the phone leaving the bathroom. He was still in his jeans and blue shirt from earlier so he made his way out to the front room.
“Oh… hey.” Gil was standing by the fridge with a glass in his hand. “I didn’t know you were back. I cleaned myself up a bit and used the phone, so I hope you don’t mind.”
“That’s fine.” Gil replied sipping more water from his glass. “Did you get enough sleep?”
More than enough. “Yeah, best sleep in a long time.”
Gil brushed past Greg heading into the living room to sit. He undid the top button to his shirt sighing as he sat on his black leather couch, hearing Greg moving around in the kitchen.
“Mind if I make some coffee?”
“Fine.” A lot was weighing on his mind. Work had been un-eventful and now that he was home he had a whole new world to accommodate himself to. He heard Greg talking about his injuries and how they were just about all healed up.
“I feel some pain once in a while, but other than that and when I had the lack of sleep I’m as good as new.”
He was now sipping from an old coffee mug with a dragonfly print on the side.
“You look tired.” He walked into the room with Gil setting the mug down on the coffee table. “Why don’t you let me loosen up your shoulders?”
Standing behind the back of the couch, Greg began to knead Gil’s shoulders through his shirt. He went light at first but with no objections he pressed more firmly. Gil leaned forwards just a little a soft sigh parting his lips as Greg continued the massage.
God, if only he could kiss Grissom right there, the small bump where the beginning of his spine ran down his back. “You know Griss, I’m sorry about climbing into your bed earlier.”
“Yeah, that sounds… wrong.”
“How long have you felt this way?” Gil asked.
Greg didn’t understand what Grissom was talking about. “What are you talking about?”
“This.” He waved his hand in the air. “And when I wear my glasses… you get hard?”
OH FUCK! Grissom had heard all that? Holy shit, ok what was he supposed to do?
Gil felt Greg’s hands stop their movement lying dormant on his shoulders. He seemed to be in shock. Something Gil thought was more along the way he should be feeling.
“Grissom I… oh god. Did you hear everything?” Greg asked stepping away from the couch and his boss. The man was moving from his spot on the other side stepping around the large piece of black furniture.
“How you can’t control yourself,” He was right in front of Greg now. “And my lips… but Greg, your mouth is so much prettier.” He pressed his pointer finger against the CSI’s bottom lip pulling it just slightly away from the top one.
Greg couldn’t speak having lost his voice at the press of Gil’s finger to his mouth, and fuck he just wanted to lick.
“Does this turn you on Greg?” Gil asked watching the man’s pink tongue move against the pad of his finger. Pushing a bit and the tip pushed into that pretty mouth Greg sucking gently. His head was down slightly as he looked up at Gil through his lashes as if asking permission. He pulled his hand away a small string of saliva left, then gone as Greg licked his bottom lip.
“You didn’t answer me Greg. Does this turn you on?”
Greg swayed on his feet leaning forward, hands coming up to run along the sides of Gil’s face.
He was kissing Gil, tongue sliding past his lips and opening his mouth to suck on the tongue that licked at his finger so hotly. He wasn’t quite sure of what he was doing here kissing Greg in his living room but he didn’t care. There was no point in denying the fact that he wanted the CSI. He hadn’t felt like this in a long time and never about a man. Greg had been the only guy that made Gil think such impure thoughts like this and when he had arrived home and over heard Greg’s conversation on the phone. Shit, he wanted to shove the blonde against the wall and fuck him right then and there. He tried to let it go but Greg had to go and touch him, snapping any restraint Gil had left.
Greg moaned mouthing Gil’s neck as he licked and bit just hard enough to feel Gil shiver under his touch.
“Greg, I’ve never… never done this before.”
“It doesn’t matter.” Greg stated sucking where he had just bitten. He didn’t care about that or that Gil was so much older than him or even if he was his boss.
“You don’t know how much I’ve wanted this. To touch you, for you to touch me.” He was pulling Gil towards the bedroom. “Don’t you dare analyze this.”
Gil allowed Greg to pull him into his room. He stopped at the door but Greg had already started lifting his own shirt from his chest exposing his flat stomach and hard nipples. The shirt was tossed aside as he crawled onto the bed sitting upright on his knees swaying slightly as he chewed on his lower lip.
Fuck, Greg started running his hands along his sides down to his stomach, stroking just bellow his bellybutton then back up to pinch at his own nipples eyes half lidded.
Gil was painfully hard watching the display before him. This could all be his. Every part of Greg offered here just for him.
He stepped closer as Greg shimmed out of his jeans and boxers leaning to the side to toss them away lost somewhere with his shirt. He was leaning backwards now his back against the headboard and his legs spread, hand sliding down to stroke his own erect cock.
“I want you to touch me.” Greg breathed out between sharp intakes of air.
Gil knew he was lost. There was no way he could turn away from this now and he didn’t want to. He walked to the edge of the bed grabbing Greg’s wrist.
“Don’t touch yourself.”
Greg gasped as he felt the bed dip somewhat with Gil’s weight. The older man ran his fingers along Greg’s inner thigh brushing against his erection in a tease.
“Griss please?”
He fisted the man jacking him with firm strokes, Greg’s hands fisting in the sheets turning his knuckles white.
 “Oh god.”
“Is this what you want Greg, my hand around your cock?”
Gil heard Greg moan head hitting the headboard as he rocked his hips upwards. That beautiful mouth opening and closing as he gasped, small mewling noises filling the air. His cock leaking small pearls of fluid at the tip smearing as Gil quickened his hand movement. His own dick throbbed in his pants. Leaning forward he pulled Greg to his mouth kissing him hard their tongues fucking into one another’s mouths. It felt like they were breathing from one another existing only to be in this moment.
Greg’s moans were muffled into Gil’s mouth as the muscles in his back tightened causing him to arch forward, his body tensing as orgasm flared through his body. His breathing labored as sweat slid down his chest cum spilling into Gil’s hand.
“Oh fuck…” Greg pressed a kiss to the older man’s mouth. “That was so perfect.”
Gil studied his fingers then brought the digits to his own mouth tasting the aftermath of Greg’s release.
“Jesus, when you do that it’s like the worst sin.” Greg watched as Gil licked at his fingers. As he regained his limb movement, Greg slid from the bed kneeling between Gil’s legs.
“I want to taste you now.”
Gil nearly came at those words accompanied by the feeling of Greg mouthing him through his black slacks.
“Someone’s a happy boy.” Greg said a wide grin on his face. He slid his hands up Gil’s thighs opening the button and sliding down the zipper. Pulling at the pants Gil lifted his hips allowing the blonde to lower the clothing in question down around his ankles.
Greg gasped at the sight. “Damn Griss.” His hand curled around the base squeezing gently but firm enough to get a noise from above him.
Gil assumed that was a good remark and shit he already wanted to come just by Greg touching him.
“I wanna’ suck your cock, can I do that… suck that huge cock in my pretty mouth?”
He was most definitely not going to last if Greg kept talking like that and yes he wanted those lips around him taking him in.
“Tell me you want my mouth around you Gil, grab my hair and make me suck your cock.”
Gil couldn’t believe what he was hearing. Greg wanted him to pull at his hair and demand him to go down on him?
“Jesus Greg.” He reached out his hand pulling in Greg’s blonde spikes. “Suck my cock Greg. Suck me now.” He pulled harder hearing Greg cry and he thought that maybe he’d been to rough, his dick rubbing against the younger man’s lips, but when that hot mouth took the head of his dick into his mouth he thrust his hips up making Greg take all of it. He wasn’t sure if he should let his hands go but it seemed they were attached permanently guiding Greg’s head up and down on his cock.
The noises coming from between his legs made him thrust faster his own cries of lust breaking from his mouth. His eyes wanted to roll in the back of his head but he couldn’t take his vision away from his cock disappearing into Greg’s hot mouth opening for him taking in as much as he could, his tongue sliding along the underside sucking him to orgasm.
Greg swallowed hearing Gil gasp as he fucked his mouth. The taste of cum sliding against his tongue and then those hands were tightening in his hair as his hips jerked releasing down Greg’s throat. Licking up any that remained, Greg stood straddling Gil’s thighs. He kissed the man rocking his hips, warm hands grasping loosely at his shoulders for leverage.
He was hard again and when Gil kicked his pants aside with his socks and shoes Greg ripped at his shirt sending buttons flying. The man was so fucking hot. His baggy clothes most definitely didn’t do him justice.
Gil knew he wouldn’t be able to get hard again even if he wanted to but Greg was in his lap humping his abdomen and well the man was younger than him so it wasn’t surprising that he became aroused again so easily.
“You tasted so good Griss and the feel of you fucking my mouth, god!” He was grunting now his thrusts becoming erratic.
“Gonna’ come again.”
Gil kissed the CSI’s chest licking at a nipple hands running up the slender back.
“Oh fuck!” Greg tensed back arching when he came for the second time now against Gil’s bare chest.
Panting, Greg slid from Gil’s lap giving him one last kiss as he fell onto the bed exhausted.
“Oh. My. God. I am so in heaven right now.”
Gil smiled at Greg’s remark. He could agree with that but he needed to clean himself off. Standing he headed into the bathroom wiping a towel down his chest. Looking into the mirror he saw his own reflection wincing. Not someone young… not someone right for Greg.
“Stop thinking.” Greg said wrapping his arms around the man. He kissed his shoulder then proceeded to clean himself.
When Greg had finished he went back to the bedroom. Gil found him on his stomach ass slightly in the air mumbling something into the pillow.
“You…” He what? He didn’t even know what he was about to say. Greg just lay there talking to himself as if he had always belonged there. His beautiful naked skin pressed into the sheets. A voice inside his head said that Greg would never belong there. A wish that could never stay granted, yet when the blonde looked up at him something deep inside Gil said he had been wrong. Greg could belong here, he could belong with him and for once maybe he could just forget what his mind thought and go with his heart.


24th-Apr-2005 01:46 am (UTC)
That was so hot! Post the next chapter soon cause this fic is great. I love both Greg/Gil and Billy/Nick
25th-Apr-2005 04:56 pm (UTC)
Thanks, you know I love your comments. Oh and I just wanted to say that I'll create the fic you requested. Think of it as your b-day present.
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Can't wait for the next part of this. SO Hot!
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Oh thank you so much!!
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